Thoughts on turning 2.

Posted by Christopher Dammacco on

In just a little over a week, Windy Gaming will be turning 2 years old. Lets give me a brief moment to celebrate. 


It's interesting to look back at where it came from. Windy was started with $300 and an idea that customer service can still exist in todays world. An idea that thought video game shopping should still be fun. An idea that ethics in the marketplace is an invaluable tool. 


That $300 turned into a giant shelving unit in my homes basement annoying my wife whenever she went past it (thanks, darlin'). Then it turned into 2. Then 3. Then a warehouse. Then a warehouse and a delivery van. All in 2 just years.


I set goals for this company. We have met or exceeded them every time. Looking at the sheer amount of growth we have made as a company and I have personally made as its leader fills myself (and the couple of people that have worked with me) with an immense amount of pride. 


There are too many people to thank for such a vast amount of growth to thank all individually. From customer (both new and repeating), to convention runners, to just friends and gaming community members that backed what we were trying to accomplish. For all of you that fall under this category: Thank You! We couldn't do this alone and all of your help has been absolutely tremendous. It's quite humbling to see all of the people that are behind the Windy Gaming mission. 

What's in the future? Well, first off I am planning a 2nd birthday contest that will be announced shortly. Secondly expect to see a lot of new kinds of things from us. On the way right now is a bunch of current and previous gen titles. We are also taking things on a more boutique path and you all should expect to see some very special and unique items that you won't be able to find in many other places. 


It's good to love what you do. 




As Always, 

Chris @ Windy Gaming. 


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