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Posted by Christopher Dammacco on

It has been an interesting trip here. 


I am a retro gamer first. I couldnt believe how hard it was to get what I was looking for from traditional shops and sellers. Ebay cost too much. At shows I ran into rude dealers. The final straw came when I had a dialogue with a person that owned a particular Brick and Mortar retro game shop. This guy held his customers in such a low regard it was baffeling. His prices were high. His customer service was low. He had a great store in a good part of town and I loved his concept. I couldn't believe how someone who was lucky enough to have it all could just squander it all. Now, I come from a sales and marketing background and I thought to myself 'I could do that better than he could'. I could treat my customers with respect. I could help them rather than ignore them. If there was questions to be asked, I could answer them. 


I did some research. I asked around in the various gaming communities. I started bringing some items stateside. 


I launched the facebook page in mid October and started up Windy Gaming. The feedback was great. It wasn't just great, it was humbling. Everyone was happy. People were happy to do work with the guy who came out of nowhere and wanted to show them that there can be a better way. It truly feels good to make another gamers day. 


It looked like I was on to something here. Soon enough my customers started asking me for a website with a shopping cart. That is what I am doing now. Giving a safe and clean place to find great retro deals. I hope to make many of you guys happy and I look forward to the future of Windy Gaming. 


Thanks again for coming with me as I go on this journey, because it would not be possible without you. 


-Chris @ windy gaming. 



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