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For those of you that havent noticed, We have just started carrying USA region games. I am furiously adding new categories to the navigation bar. Almost every day there is something new going up. 


On top of that there is some changes coming. I am starting to enter into talks with some of the building and modding community to get some more unique items into the shop that most gamers would not have easy access to. I would love to see more custom items here and I am confident that when that happens Windy Gaming will continue to grow. 


The other change that is coming is that I have designed the first few products in the a new line that I will be releasing very soon. There will be some announcements when that happens, of course.


To me, independent releases are a core part of what makes the retro gaming communities a great place to be. It helps old technology stay relevant in the presence of ever advancing current and next gen tech.


The coming weeks look to be exciting!


-  chris @ windy gaming. 



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