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It's kind of funny. I opened a web store so there would be a good place to buy games. I'm a gamer myself. Keeping this website going  has been very time consuming. So much so that I havent had much time play myself. My backlog of games to play seems to be growing exponentially since I have not made much progress personally. 


I got in a copy of BS Zelda that I had to test before I shipped it out. This is a game I have almost zero time playing on. I told my wife I was going to the game room to test a game and I would be right back. I popped the cart into my trusty and always reliable SNES and fired it up. I then got ready to test it for a few screens to make sure it was working properly for my customer. 


And i kept on testing it. And testing it. I couldn't put it down. It was a completely new map. The whole game was shuffled around from the version I grew up with. The timer events added another new element to the classic Legend of Zelda. I got through the first dungeon. I then started exploring. Just taking in all of the new screens. There were blockades now. Places that I should be able to go but could not. I needed to play on. I found the second dungeon and continued my 'test'. It just felt so good playing again. Another hour or so goes by without me noticing it.


I suddenly realize that I need to ship this game off to its new home and the Post Office is closing in less than an hour! I power down the SNES and I pack up the cart carefully for shipping. I go back up stairs with a pretty big grin on my face and I ask my wife 'how long was I down there?'


Her answer: 'A while'. 


Someone ordered a BS Zelda this past week. 99 times out of 100 I always clear my test saves. After shipping I realized I did not clear this one. I don't know why I didn't clear it. The customer who will receive that game in the next day or two also got that little session saved to that cart. I guess sometimes we can all get a little attached to a particular save file. 


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Chris @ windy gaming. 


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