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First off- I want to thank everyone for making the charity drive a huge success! We raised a little over $1400 for our various charities and all involved were incredibly happy with how it turned out! Was there some leftover games from the charity drive? Yes there were. I bought them out and that money was added to the $1400 raised. Those games are still available and are now relisted in their proper sections of the store.  


There are some changes coming to Windy Gaming as well.  We are looking to bring more products from the home brew community into the shop! Soon there will be custom high end cabling for your retro systems as well as custom pro level joysticks. We are always looking for new items as well, so if you are a modder or someone with their own independent line and want some exposure and some more sales please let us know! 


Keep on playing! 


As always, 


Chris @ Windy Gaming. 

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  • Keep on rockin’ Chris, this is great news man! I’m proud to have been a part of this and happy that my passion for the hobby will go toward a good cause this time around.

    Kudos on the additions too…can’t wait to see what you do with the shop!

    Kevin on

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