Windy Gaming Supergun Model ATP-400 With USB

Regular price $450.00

Windy Gaming Supergun Model ATP-400. A supergun is a device that allows you to play arcade PCBs on a television without the need for a full upright arcade cabinet. This is a self-contained unit that provides power to the PCB, video output , and controller input.

Comes with composite/ s-video cord and AC plug. Has silk screened labeling for the buttons and switches. SCART Cable will also be available for an extra cost (select it if you want it at the top). 


Extended JAMMA connector with CPS2 Kick Harness

Internal Universal Power supply that will work worldwide 
(+5V@5.5A,  +12V@2.5A, -5V@500mA)

Front Panel:
Dual DB15 Connectors for Controllers (Compatible with Neo-Geo Pinout)
Undamned USB decoders for Player 1 and Player 2. Allows use of PS3, 360, and PC USB Controllers. 

Rear Panel:
Lighted Power Switch
Universal IEC AC Power Inlet
Switchable Sync Cleaner and Audio Attenuation 
Test/Service Switch
Ball-Bearing Exhaust Fan

Video Output options:
Composite/S-video (cable included)
RGB (SCART cable sold separately)