Bear vs Gorilla vs CEO vs Hippie

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From Black Slither Games: 


Bear vs Gorilla vs CEO vs Hippie: 2-4 player no-holds-bared, take no prisoners, make no friends fast paced card game. Black Slither Games' first attempt at a card game. (And a damn good one at that!) Pick a character, pick some cards, pick your nose, and start playing. Attack, defend, laugh, cry, just get all the chips before your so called friends do. Tournament style poke meets easy pick up and play card battler. And if you don't like our rules, make your own, we don't care. Enjoy Stupids!


Brian the man behind Black Slither Games has been nice enough to autograph 10 copies of this game for Windy Gaming! Plus he hooked us up with a few copies of the Kickstarter Backer exclusive card! The autographed editions and the bonus card will be sent in the order in which the orders are placed! Once they are gone, they are gone! Get them while you can!