Battle of the Electric Vikings

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Battle of the Electric Vikings is Black Slither Games' most epic card game. 100 cards of mind blowing awesomeness! Insert rock scream!


The rules and game play are simple:

 2-6 player get 6 cards each to start and you create your own song titles or lyrics by placing cards horizontal, vertical and on top of other cards.
Score the points that are on the cards. Next player builds off of what's out on the table. (scrabble style) 

Included in the pack is 100 cards with 88 different words designed by Amy Q. and rule card all in Black Slither's signature packaging, big enough to hold expansion packs.

 Black Slither Games is big on simple game play and Battle of the Electric Vikings maybe easy to play, but don't underestimate the pure metal power and intense creativity it will bring out in you and your friends/band mates.

Next 2 orders includes the 'None More Black' first expansion set!