Kick, Punch, Burp, Fart, Slap

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From Black Slither Games: 

Kick, Punch, Burp, Fart, Slap is a 2-5 player micro card game based on the classic hand gesture game Rock, Paper, Scissors. KPBFS takes those hand gestures and puts them on cards, with that silly Black Slither twist. Designed as a beverage drinking game; KPBFS also can be played for points. It's incredibly fasted paced and anybody can play.


Brian the man behind Black Slither Games has been nice enough to autograph 5 copies of this game for Windy Gaming!  The autographed editions will be sent in the order in which the orders are placed! Once they are gone, they are gone! Get them while you can! Plus it pairs well with any kind of booze!